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Silk Tafetta Skirt - Naturally Dyed with Lac


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This silk taffeta skirt has been prewashed for you to enjoy the wearability of both luxury and down-to-earth elegance. Dyed with old-world techniques using the pigment (natural dye) from the lac insect (Laccifer lacca). Soft grey cotton ribbons for drawstring closure allow for making to your size. One-of-a-kind.        
  • One Size 
  • Drawstring closure
  • Measures 1.88 meters circumference at waist when fully opened 
  • Length is 84.5 cm
  • 100% Silk 
  • Gentle hand wash in cold water with neutral pH washing liquid.  Hang to dry. 
  • Hand dyed in Canada with natural dyes
  • Made in Canada