"Care for your clothes like the good friends they are."

- by Joan Crawford 


"Loved Clothes Last" is a publication written and published by Fashion Revolution. It's a book about slow clothing and a movement that is gaining momentum. Loved Clothes Last is snapshot of individuals who came together through FashionRevolution.org to make this book. In the words of Fashion Revolution's publication, "LOVED CLOTHES LAST explores the issue of waste and mass-consumption in the fashion industry, and hopes to inspire you to buy less, care more, and know how to make the clothes you love last for longer."

FASHION REVOLUTION 'Loved Clothes Last' from Balthazar Klarwein on Vimeo.
I've been inspired by this book - another part of the ever-growing world wide movement that challenges us all to begin asking questions about our current world of fashion and what it means to us and our future world. I'll be sharing more along the way on this subject that I feel deeply about. 


October 01, 2018 by Kathleen O'Grady

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